Simple Rose Design

This is the design for this tutorial:

The Full Rose Design

The Full Rose Design


You will need:

1.  a henna cone, preferably one that allows thin designs like the Mehak cone shown below; and

2. at least two kitchen towels/tissues, one to put under the hand you will do henna on, and the other to wipe your henna cone if it gets dirty

Mehak Henna Cone

Mehak Henna Cone


This is the full YouTube tutorial on this design.  The step-by-step instructions to it are below:


1. Start with the rose in the middle.  This will be the biggest rose.  Try to make the ones on the sides smaller.

2. To make the rose, with the henna cone, draw a “C”, and then draw a backwards “C” next to it.  In the video you can see that I draw the Cs by squeezing a blob in the middle and flicking outwards.  Then I go back to the middle, squeeze and flick in the opposite direction.  This creates a small C with pointed ends.

3. Then start going round the two Cs in the middle to create the petals.  Use the same method by squeezing a blob out of the henna cone and flicking to one side, and then going back to the middle to squeeze again and then flick to the other side.  The more petals you draw, the bigger they will get, so you’ll have to squeeze out a line (rather than a blob) before flicking the ends of the line to make it pointed.  See the video above for the demonstration.

4.  Once you have done the middle rose, repeat the process for the side roses.  Keep the side roses smaller than the one in the middle.  Hint, drawing wavy lines rather than perfectly rounded lines gives the rose a prettier effect, so don’t worry if your hands are a bit shaky.

5. Draw a wavy line from the third rose to the end of the pointer finger.  The start of the line should be thicker than the end.  You can achieve this by putting more pressure on the cone at the start of the line, and releasing the pressure as you reach the end of it.

6. Next to this line and from the rose, draw a line with two swirls.

7. In between these two lines, draw three tear drops, as shown in the video, and squeeze out three dots.  The tear drops are done by squeezing a large blob and then quickly flicking the cone downwards.

8. On the other side of the long wavy line, draw 5 tear drops and make sure that the size of each one gets smaller as you go downwards.

9. Draw dots to fill up the space above the highest tear drop to the end of the wavy line.

10. On the other side of the wavy line and opposite the tear drops and dots, draw three tear drops at the top of the line, and dots going down the line underneath that.

10. Draw a wavy line across the wrist from the first rose.  Squeeze the cone harder near the rose, and release the pressure down the line to make sure the thickest part of the line is near the rose.

11. Draw three petals on the line by lightly squeezing the cone to create a thin line for the stem, then squeezing a blob and flicking outwards quickly.

12. Draw two swirly lines to the left of the line, and two swirly lines to the right of the line.

13.  Put three dots next to the rose, opposite the petals; and three dots above the first and second swirly lines on the left.

14. Draw a petal above the first three dots near the rose; and above the second three dots.  Also put a petal in between the two swirly lines on the right.  Use the same method as above.

15. Line the inside of the two swirly lines on the right with dots.  Also do this with the first swirly line on the left.  The dots should go from large to small, so squeeze the cone more for the dots at the bottom.

16. You’re done !




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