… And Breathe

I always knew it would happen at some point.  Turns out – today was the day.  …  I have officially had the worst time in my henna history.

The day began well.  I gained 10 new followers on Instagram, which is my biggest follower increase since I began my henna account a month ago.  I then mixed five different henna recipes with my new henna powder, just so I can see which one gives the best stain.  I then put my henna into their cute little cones.  Nothing too difficult.  My sister soon made herself comfortable in my bed so that I can do henna on her whilst she recorded me … and then it began.

I cut the tip off of my chosen henna cone and squeezed the henna out. …  Nothing.  I squeezed harder. … Nothing.  I cut the tip a little more and squeezed again – major henna blob explosion.  I squeezed a little gentler.  Another henna bomb.  Okay, not going to work.  Grabbed another henna cone and tried again.  More explosions after explosions.  Getting frustrated, so I dropped the cone and picked up an older cone which I had made a week ago.  Now I’m nervous, because this cone had its tip cut off with a blunt knife, which meant that the tip was fraying a little and that made the henna struggle to come out smoothly at times.

We start recording and I begin drawing with henna.  Two circles later my hands were shaking and unusually difficult to control, and now the frayed henna cone tip was the least of my worries. …  The design goes wrong and I wipe it off to re-start.  Again, with the shaky start, but I decide to go on.  My control of the henna cone is weak; my lines are coming out blobby, but I go on.  With one mistake after another and clear amateur moments in my work, I finally finish the design. … Time to take pictures.

I take may be 10, 15 pictures, and then we decide to go to a different room with better lighting.  I open the room door and enter the darkness.  My sister follows behind me.  I turn the light on and turn to look at my sister.  “If you can put your arm …” …  I stop, because the design has smudged in the few seconds that it took to turn the light on.  With no evidential henna paste smear in our surrounding area, it took a few seconds more to realise that my sister had bent her elbows for the brief period that the lights were off.  Game over.


Or is it ?

Take a look at the picture below.  I don’t know about you, but for someone who felt like she was struggling the whole way through, the end result is not that bad.  It’s not bad at all, and that reminds me of something which I occasionally forget … bad days are not always as bad as you think they are.

I really hope that you enjoyed this post and that you have had a great day, and if it wasn’t that great, then I hope it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was !

Copyright © 2014 Shahema Tafader

Copyright © 2014 Shahema Tafader


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