Inspiration V Originality

My sister once told me it has been said that all ideas come from other ideas.  Although there are possibly exception to this, it does seem true that we are inspired rather than completely original; and when I look back at my designs I can see that all of them came from a simple – already existing – idea.  My design here, for example, was inspired by squares and rectangles.  I took a very small concept and turned it into a completely different and, I believe, unique concept.

Copyright © 2014 Shahema Tafader

Copyright © 2014 Shahema Tafader

With my sister’s comment in mind I decided to look for inspiration from already existing henna design templates.  I created a new board on Pinterest and started pinning.  Soon enough I found myself with 73 pins before I told myself – enough !

Looking at my board I see so many ideas flooding into my head and I cannot wait to start creating my own designs from these beautiful and inspirational templates.  Take a look at some of them for yourself.  I challenge you to not see new ideas coming into your head.

If you’re feeling inspired – please get going with your design !  If not, head over to my Pinterest account to see lots of henna designs and templates bound to get your creative juices flowing.  If you like what you see, then please follow my account, because I do update it regularly.

That’s all for today.  Here’s hoping I see you next time.


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