The Key Question – Why am I Suffering from Designer’s Block ?


Copyright © 2012 Shahema Tafader

Copyright © 2012 Shahema Tafader

In my previous post I shared my 3-step method for stopping the mental design block.  This method actually works pretty well for me, at least, in the henna front, and this got me wondering why it worked.  In short, I think it works because I’m addressing why my block happened in the first place – overload.  Information overload; work overload.  I’m just tired and I need to let my mind reboot for the next chapter.

If you had read my previous post (link and have tried out my method for a week or two, or however long it takes you to relax, but you are still not getting your creativity back, my advice to you is to try to find what the cause of your mental block is in order to resolve it.  After all, the best solutions tackle the problem head-on; but that can only be done if you know what the problem is.  This could mean, e.g. you go see a doctor.  This option would be helpful if you’re actually suffering from a mental disorder, because, from experience, this can cause a mental block.

I wrote this for those who may not have been helped by my previous post, and although I may not be specifically addressing your issue (which would be impossible given the number of reasons people may feel a block), I hope it’s given you the first step which you need to take – figure out why you may have the block.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.  See you next time.


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