My Vine Account

Copyright © 2014 Shahema Tafader

Copyright © 2014 Shahema Tafader


Recently, I have taken a real liking to Vine and have found that it’s a great platform for including short versions of my YouTube henna tutorials.  For those of you who don’t know, Vine allows you to upload 6 second videos which automatically start again (loops) when it finishes playing.

I created my account after I developed a fascination with short videos on my Instagram account; but as Instagram is a mainly picture platform, I didn’t want to annoy my followers with tonnes of videos.

Here’s my first mini-tutorial on Vine:

If you haven’t got a Vine account, you can easily sign up using your twitter account or email.  I would encourage you to do so, because there are so many great videos for you to find and I’m hoping mine’s one of them.

If you liked my video above then please share it on your social media; I would really love to see henna tutorials on Vine to become a thing.  Plus, if you have any suggestions on what I should post on Vine; on the types of henna designs you’d like to see me do; or on anything else then please leave a comment below.

That’s all for now …


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