My new routine for making YouTube videos + new YouTube henna video …

Hi guys !

I am really really sorry that I haven’t posted in two weeks.  I got incredibly busy and before I knew it – a couple of weeks had passed.  Rest assured that I haven’t left henna though, in fact, the reason why I got busy is because I have been trying to make a YouTube video for every new design that I create now which naturally means that everything takes twice as long.

My routine for each new design is now:

1) I have to record the design first, which can take several hours as a result of me having to set up the equipment, and then take things slow to make sure I don’t make too many mistakes on camera (which would increase my editing time);

2) I have to take pics of the new design of not only how the design looks with the paste on, but the stain progression pics as well as people comment that they like seeing these in the videos.  The henna stain colour darkens over a 48-72 hour period, so naturally this part can take several days;

3) I then edit the video which can take up to a week further, because not only does this involve making sure that excessive footage is taken out, but it also includes: i) recording a voice-over.  I remember reading a comment under another henna artist’s video asking why there are no instructions in the video if it is a tutorial, and I thought, okay, I want my videos to be as helpful as possible, so I’ll put a voice-over in with hints and tips so there are some instructions; ii) I have to go through all of the pictures and pick the best ones, which can range from just around four, to over 30 pics.  I then put watermarks on these one by one and, as you can imagine, that takes some time;

4) I then post the video on YouTube and schedule it for a date where YT will make the video public for you guys to see.  This does mean that my next video is already up and, I can tell you, that you can see this video on 25 February at 9pm, which is a little over a week (hint, it’s a tribal design with shading !).  Once I upload the video I then go back and add subtitles in for those who cannot hear, or who just want the video on silent, and I also add annotations in with links so that you can click on the end of the video to take you to another video, if you want to see it :-).  So that takes us to the 12 day mark (almost two weeks for one design – yikes !  But I do it for you :-)).

I really hope that nobody is too upset with me for not posting in the last two weeks, and I hope that you can see why my timetable has been a little off.

I will try my hardest to organise my timetable so that I can post every week again, but in the meantime please know that, in the background, I am doing something henna related.

And as I haven’t had a chance to make a post on this design, you can see my new YouTube henna video right here complete with a voice-over with tips on doing the design (so you get to hear my voice for the first time :-/); and stain progressions pics at the end:

And that’s it.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve my video and if you want to catch my next design then please subscribe :-).


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