Henna Tribal “Fish” Design

So I finally decided that it was time to add shading into my henna design and, on this occasion, I chose to use the shading method that I first saw Om Henna Om use on YouTube.  If you haven’t seen her henna videos then I would recommend you head over to her channel, because they are amazing !!

Anyhow – moving on ->

This design came about because I wanted to see what my last design (“mandala design with the Rocky hand”: http://wp.me/p4xXzE-5p) would look like with triangles included in between the mandalas, and as I focussed to get this design done, I didn’t realise that the end result looks like a fish … until my sister pointed it out that is.

Regardless, I’m happy with this design and I hope you guys like it too.  Below you’ll find the pictures of the design, including the stain progression; and the YouTube tutorial for the design.


YouTube Tutorial:


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