Rose Tattoo Design with Shading and Two-Tone Henna

Beauty and the Beast … yes, there’s something seriously wrong with it, you know, the fact that Bell falls in love with her capture and everything; but even so, who says you can’t find beauty within the story.  For me, the rose within the case has its charm, which is why it became the inspiration for this henna design:


And here are the stain progression pics (stain on paste removal; 12 hour stain; and the 24 hour stain):



So after all those pics – what’s left ?  The videos of course 🙂


YouTube tutorial:


Vine video:


So that’s it from me – for now – that is.  If you guys want to make sure you are the first to catch my YouTube tutorials then please subscribe to my Channel.  Also, if you want to know about updates before I put them up on my blog then please follow my Twitter and Instagram feeds.

As always, thank you for reading … and I’ll see you next time !


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