COLLAB: Henna Swap Challenge with Beleza Artistica | #hennaswapchallenge

Hi everybody !

Today I have what I hope is a special treat for you all.  I have collaborated with Amirah, a fellow YouTuber (search Beleza Artistica), to bring you a henna challenge video.   Amirah asked me to collaborate with her two weeks ago, and after some hard work in between our other obligations, we have brought you the #hennaswapchallenge … yes that’s right – we’re hash tagging !

The concept is simple.  Re-create the other artist’s design.  Amirah was partially inspired by @mehndikajoey on Instagram to come up with this challenge, specifically from a post where @mehndikajoey had asked henna artists to come up with a design outside of their comfort zone.  Therefore, the point behind this challenge was to do something that we do not usually create.  For me, I had the opportunity to finally try a design which uses thicker lines and design elements.  Amirah got to try the opposite.  Boy did we learn some serious respect for the other’s craft !

The henna designs in this challenge were created new especially for the other artist, and each have their own story behind it.  If you would like to know Amirah’s design inspiration, please watch the video.

We would, very much so, like to get a hashtag going for this collaboration and the concept behind it.  So please go on Instagram and twitter and tag 2 artists that you would like to see collaborate to re-create the other artist’s design, and hashtag this with #hennaswapchallenge !

Finally, please please please share this video, and Amirah’s, and subscribe to show us that our videos are worth watching.  I know that I, personally, find it helpful when people subscribe because I realise that there are people who would like for me to continue making videos.

So, without further ado, here are the collab videos:

My Video:

Amirah’s video:


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