What’s New in the World of Pretenna (i.e. “White Henna”)?

Time flies when you’re working – zoooooom !

So what’s been happening in the world of henna since I last posted on here ? … Well, we all know that “white henna” is officially becoming infamous; glitter henna has taken a leap downwards on the popularity scale and Rihanna’s hand tattoo seems to make an appearance in Jagua and “white henna” designs all over the world !  It all seems like fun and games, right ?  Wrong !

This post is about to take a dark turn guys, because I’m sharing something that I’m concerned about, specifically in the “white henna” world.  Let’s begin by clarifying what we all – I’m sure – know by now, that “white henna” is not henna.  Ye ye, you’ve heard that like the billionth time already and I know that.  So why am I so hell bent on making that point again ?  Well folks, I feel I need to, because of YouTube messages that I received from a large chemical henna manufacturer two weeks ago.

I won’t mention the name of this company, but suffice it to say that if you entered an Indian grocery store and picked up a cone of henna, the likelihood is that you just bought a product that this company manufactures.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to say that you should stay away from chemical henna and only use the natural stuff.  That self-righteous, know-it-all, attitude can stay on Instagram where it shouldn’t belong, but somehow does.  As a consumer, you can buy whatever takes your fancy.  My personal belief, however, is that before an individual can really consent to a product which they are buying, they need to be aware of the nature of this product.  That means full disclosure on the ingredients used, and an accurate explanation of what the product is.  There needs to be, in a word – transparency. … As long as those two elements are available, then as a competent consumer, you are free to purchase and use whatever you like.  My problem, however, is when transparency is not available.

The message that I received from the manufacturer – three times (yes, apparently I’m a target for false advertising) – directed me to their new product with a clear intent for me to purchase it.  They wanted me to bulk buy their “white henna”.  Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link and I was not happy with the description given of this product.

Firstly, their site stated that their white cones contain natural henna.  You know exactly what I’m going to say now right ?  Yep, that “white henna” is not henna.  Period !  So why has this company taken a very popular product and advertised it as something which it is not … I think the answer was in the question – because they want to capitalise on a very “popular” product.  That is my opinion, in any event.  This is not, however, the part of the description which worried me, because I’m sure people can figure out that this statement is clearly untrue.  No, what worried me was the second part of the description.

The site then states that the white cones work by leaving a white stain on the skin which deepens in colour with time.  In other words, they’re claiming that this white body art paint (which is what Pretenna should be) is capable of working like henna to stain your skin, and then to go though a “stain progression” stage like natural henna does.  The best case scenario here is that this is, again, false advertising. … I really hope that this is false advertising … because the worst case scenario is that they have included something dangerous in the product which will literally make your skin turn white.  I think we can all use our imaginations to think of what can be used to turn our skin white.  If I am wrong, however, then I would like the company to list its ingredients which, surprise surprise, it does not do.

Guys, I can’t think of a natural product which could stain the skin white, so if this claim is true, then I am worried about what this product contains and what the consequences of using it can be.  Far be it for me to tell you guys what you can or cannot use; but I hope that this blog might allow you to make a far more considered decision as to whether you want to buy any Pretenna cones which may appear in your Indian grocery.

Ok, this was long, but important.  I hope you guys found it useful, and below I have included my YouTube video where I also talked about this issue.  Please subscribe, if you haven’t already – and feel free to request videos 🙂

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time …


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