When instinct opposes logic – which do you choose ?

Have you ever thought to yourself … I need to be less logical ?

See, for a large proportion of my life, I believed that as long as I calculated, observed, analysed and concluded, that I could figure out how to succeed at anything.  That there were winning formulas out there that people have used to help themselves succeed; and for a long time, I tried to achieve heights using these well researched rules and regulations.  Ironically, however, I always met with defeat.  I always failed. … How ?  How could I fail when I assessed every possible outcome and had a solution to it all ?  How could I keep failing when I’m using the same method that others had succeeded with ? … The answer, I found, was that I was being too logical.

I noticed a pattern in my life which, at its simplest, goes like this … I analyse, risk assess and problem solve with my logical mind – I fail; I ignore my conscious thinking and run with my instinct – I win. … Yes, you read right.  My past experience showed me that my instinct is far more intelligent than my logical mind.  But why ?  How could something that relies on factors to make its decisions that I could not possibly measure or understand, get one over on my logical mind so easily ?  …  That’s not something that I could possibly ever answer; hell, I don’t think even science has advanced far enough to understand this … this in-explainable feeling that tells me to do something without the voice in my head saying – “do it” … like an invisible pull on your body that you choose to follow.

Strange as it may seem, but there have been times where my logical mind has been completely tuned out while I chose to follow this “pull”, and a few hours later, I have a new henna design; or a new piece of artwork that I never planned to have by the end of the day … and I loved them – I loved every single thing that I had ever created or done whilst conceding to the “pull”.

So what’s my message to you, dear reader ? … Simply, if you find that attempting to be logical and calculated in order to succeed hasn’t been working for you, then may be – just may be – it’s time to give in to the pull and switch that conscious mind off. … We may never understand where that gut feeling comes from; that feeling that saves us from walking down a pathway where a murder was about to be committed; that feeling that tells us to turn left, when the map says turn right; but I will say one thing: learning to ignore my logical mind and just go with my gut – like I once did as a child – is the best illogical decision that I have ever made !



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