Beyoncé Inspired Henna Design

Hi All !

So the last two weeks have represented both ups and downs.  In this post, let’s deal with the positives. …

I think it’s fair to say that we all know Beyoncé has featured in Coldplay’s song and music video: “Hymn for the Weekend”.  In this video Beyoncé was wearing traditional and less than traditional Indian gear which ended up sparking a huge cultural appropriation debate.  Putting that aside, I’m sure that you all will have noticed something else making an appearance on the Queen – her henna of course !

The Hymn for the Weekend video debuted at about 4 or 5 o’clock, UK time (may be even later), and naturally, the Instagram posts started flooding in on the henna accounts.  I happened to look in on my account a couple of hours later and realised that I could either post a Beyoncé henna pic later than everyone else, orrrrrrrr do what I love to do, which is be original and – more importantly – the first.  Yes, I’m not gonna lie; my competitive streak took over and an inspired Beyoncé henna design popped into my head. I taped the design and by 10pm I had a picture of my design up on Instagram making me the first to post an actual henna design with anything to do with Beyoncé’s current henna.

I probably sound really petty, lol, for being happy about being the first; but I have a definite competitive streak and I think that’s what keeps me wanting to improve.  If I didn’t have others who are better than me, I just wouldn’t feel the need to be better myself.  So yes, a little petty competitiveness – which is probably only in my head – going on here 🙂 .

My design itself got a lot of positive reviews on the Facebook Henna Pages and under my Instagram pics., which was probably fuelled by the negative response to the actual henna on Beyoncé.  Now that is another post in itself, but suffice it to say that there was a lot of jealousy and negativity amongst the henna community. However, whether people genuinely liked my design, or whether their positive feedback was more to emphasise the negative opinion’s on Beyoncé’s henna, doesn’t bother me, because regardless, I’m genuinely proud of my design.  So without further ado – here are the pictures and YouTube video of my design.

YouTube Tutorial: Beyoncé Inspired Henna Design:


So that’s it for this post.  Please look forward to my next post which will be on my experiences of my first YouTube copyright infringement cases, i.e. the “downs” of the last couple of weeks.  Let me know what you think of my Beyoncé inspired henna design and, as always, I’ll see you next time !


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